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Plymouth and Dodge
E-body Convertible Registry



An E-Body Convertible Registry has been formed for all owners of 1970-71 Barracuda, `cuda, Gran Coupe, Challenger, and Challenger R/Ts.

Eligibility and Purpose

This registry was formed for the purpose of documenting all convertible 1970-71 E-Bodies. It is the Registry’s attempt to gather as much information as possible on all existing E-Body convertibles that still exist and on those cars that have passed on.
I have been gathering the following information on these vehicles: Vehicle Identification Numbers, Inner Fender Data Plate information, and copies of Broadcast sheet information. To date I have accumulated 1,804 files on current existing cars and several cars that have been wrecked or parted out. I have an additional 600 cars to add. The Registry will assist any member, by using the accumulated knowledge of it’s members and founder, to assist in any current or future restoration of E-Body convertibles. The Registry is also interested in sparring any body shells from being destroyed.
 The Registry is a no-charge registry and is for the enjoyment of it’s members and their cars.

The Founder

Mr. Ola Nilsson of South Florida, is an Airline Pilot who has been a long time Mopar enthusiast. He has a 1970 `cuda convertible and a 1970`cuda hard top. He owned other convertible and hard top `cuda & Barracudas in the past. He has been gathering data on the E-Body Plymouth since 1984.

I look forward to meeting other owners of E-Body convertibles who share the same pride of ownership and the love for the body style. I appreciate any and all input in making this Registry a success and meaningful to it’s members. Please feel free to contact me here at the Registry via  e-mail. I will send you a Registry sign up sheet for you and your convertible.

1970-71 E-body Convertible Registry Information              Please visit:     www.cudaized.com   or   www.ebodyconvertibleregistry.com

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