Ola Nilsson            cudaized@cudaized.com       5505 SW 87th Ave Miami, FL 33165

Plymouth and Dodge
E-body Convertible Registry

If you have a photo of your car, I would like one to have next to your Registry information. If you would like the photo returned, we can scan it and return it to you.
The Registry is for you!
What benefit and value is derived out of this Registry is up to it’s members.
We need your input to make this Registry work.

Tell me about your car and any restoration events, modifications, or interesting history that you would like to share with the Registry.

If you are in need of convertible parts or have some to sell, I will spread the word to other Registry members who may help out.

1970-71 E-body Convertible Registry Information              Please visit:     www.cudaized.com   or   www.ebodyconvertibleregistry.com

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